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Friday, January 17, 2014


5 stars out of 5

I've lost count of the books I've read by the prolific Michael Connelly - from the Harry Bosch series to this series featuring "Lincoln Lawyer" Mickey Haller. Likewise, I don't remember the last time I read one that was anything other than really, really good. To be sure, this one continues that fine tradition.

It helps that I've always had an affinity for the legal profession; many, many years ago, I landed a job as a legal secretary -- the first job I had when I returned to work after taking time out to be a stay-at-home mommy until our younger child started kindergarten. The attorneys I worked for didn't provide the best of physical surroundings (there was no such thing as a file cabinet; instead, cases were kept in manila folders stacked on tables, chairs and floors, sometimes reaching almost to the ceiling, yet any one of the lawyers knew exactly which case was where at any given moment). It was fast-paced, demanding and, given the opportunity, an environment I'd be happy to return to any day of the week should someone ask me to.

Virtually living out of his car and operating by the seat of his pants, Mickey Haller always reminds me of those days. In this book, he's still suffering the ill effects of losing a bid for the district attorney spot and agrees to defend a former client's pimp who's incarcerated after being accused of murdering one of his girls - one who's had previous dealings with Haller as a confidential informant and friend. As he digs in, Haller starts to believe that the pimp is innocent, putting his life and those of his cohorts in danger and pitting him against powers-that-be ranging from a corrupt DEA agent to a powerful cartel drug lord.

Bottom line? Chalk up another winner!

The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly (Little, Brown and Co., December 2013); 401 pp.

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