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Friday, January 1, 2016


4 stars out of 5

This very dark psychological thriller, written by a former police officer and child protection social worker, generated positive buzz at - enough so that I decided to give it a go. And now that I've finished, I know I'll be moving on to the sequel (When Evil Calls Your Name).

It's a bit different in that readers know from the start who the bad guy is - Dr. David Galbraith, a much liked child psychiatrist with an affinity for molestation (some chapters are told from his perspective). He lives in South Wales with his wife and two young daughters, who cater to his every whim unaware of the soundproof cellar under their kitchen that's his secret "playground."

As local police are trying to corral a child molestation ring that's been operating for years - with evidence pointing toward Galbraith's involvement - seven-year-old Anthony Mailer goes missing. The boy, it seems, had been referred to Galbraith to help with behavioral issues presumed to result from the separation of his parents. The police, then, waste little time connecting the dots leading to Galbraith's door.

Proving his involvement, though, is another matter entirely. If the boy is in Galbraith's clutches, where is he? Will they find him in time? Meantime, Galbraith, who's totally obsessed with the boy, is doing everything he can to avoid detection and continue his evil ways.

It's impossible to call any book about child molestation "enjoyable," and readers who are squeamish about such matters may find it disturbing. But I found it to be a well-written thriller that held my attention to the end.

White is the Coldest Colour by John Nicholl (Amazon Digital Services Inc., May 2015); 286 pp.

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