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Saturday, October 25, 2014


3 stars out of 5

Both my husband and I are retired, and while I still work part-time from home as a freelance writer/copy editor/photographer, I'm always on the looking for ways to save money. When I found this book free with my Kindle Unlimited membership, I quickly hit the download button.

The author says his goal is to have at least one of the 90 "under the radar" websites he mentions motivate each reader to take action. In fact, I jotted down 16 on which I wanted to get more information. The rest? Most I knew about already or - as in the cases of categories like airfare and baby/child - I have zero need to visit (I don't fly, and our youngest grandchild is 14, well beyond the "child" stage). Travel is of some interest to us except for the flying part, but I'm familiar with all but one site in this category. The one that's new to me is just for Disney followers, but nope, although I was a big fan of Mickey Mouse Club as a kid (I was convinced I wanted to marry Tim Considine, the Spin of the "Spin and Marty" series), you won't find me sporting mouse ears any time soon.

Other categories should be of value to most folks, like coupons, clothes, grocery and time (time is money, after all). Also worthy of note is that of the 16 websites I wanted to try, 15 are up and running - meaning the listings in the book are as up to date as possible. And at the end of the book is a list of similar books the author has written, providing even more fodder for those who enjoy the thrill of saving a buck or three.

90 Money-Saving Websites by Blake Dresden (Amazon Digital Services Inc., January 2014); 101 pp.

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