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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


4 stars out of 5

Here's the scoop: I'm officially retired, but I still operate a home-based small business to account for my freelance writing/copy editing/photography services. And, those services include a monthly newspaper column on websites of interest to business. That gave me two reasons to download this book, which usually costs $1.99 but was free through my Kindle Unlimited membership. At 62 pages, I figured, how could I go wrong? The worst that could happen is I'd find a how-to book If I can mention in one of my columns.

Now that I've gone through it - which took at most 45 minutes largely because some of the websites mentioned are already familiar to me and others aren't particularly helpful to my business - I'll say it's more than worth the price I paid. If you're a business owner who needs help with things like identifying callers on your cell phone, finding out whether or not your emails were opened by the recipients or verifying that a job-seeker really earned the degree he or she claimed on the application, I'll even say it's worth the paltry two bucks, so by golly, go ahead and spring for it. 

The Most Useful Websites for Small Business & Entrepreneurs by Valerie McGilvrey (McGilvery ePub, December 2013); 62 pp.

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